Christa Joyner Moody Photography: Blog en-us (C) Christa Joyner Moody Photography (Christa Joyner Moody Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Christa Joyner Moody Photography: Blog 120 80 Hayley I had already had a great weekend in Atlanta but getting the chance to meet up with Hayley and photograph her to commemorate her graduation from Emory was the cherry on top! The saying “she believed she could so she did” I am pretty sure was written specifically about Hayley. This girl is phenomenal, gorgeous and smart. With Hayley I got to see a little bit of Emory’s beautiful campus and then we explored some other areas of Atlanta making for a fun, fun session. While at Emory, Hayley ran track as well as held a challenging research position in renal physiology. She has won several awards for her work and is looking forward to being published soon. Hayley graduated Monday with her degree in Biology and will now head to the University of Florida to start her masters program in medical sciences. After that she plans on going to medical school and I have no doubt with her tenacity, drive and intelligence she will achieve her goals. Thank you Hayley, it was a joy and a privilege to celebrate this exciting new chapter with you. Keep on striving toward your goals but take time to have some fun too and show off that magical laugh, radiant smile and those beautiful, expressive eyes whenever you get the chance.







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Hailey I LOVE photographing seniors and photographing Hailey was so much fun. This amazing kind hearted girl was easy to work with. Her expressive eyes and her joyful smile along with some great wardrobe choices made for an exceptional afternoon. And speaking of exceptional, this girl is!!! A competitive gymnast for eight years Hailey was brave and redefined who she was when gymnastics was no longer an activity she could participate in. Through rowing, cheering and pole vaulting, Hailey soon found her new identity and quickly made a name for herself with her pole vaulting skills. Even after a severe ankle injury threatened to keep her out of the district finals Hailey blew everyone away by not only vaulting her way through districts and regionals but all they way to 4th place at states! Hailey is strong in her faith, actively involved in her church, dedicated to her studies and involved in many honor societies and school clubs. Hailey, I truly believe with your determination and focus there is nothing you can’t accomplish. I can’t wait to watch your story unfold as you start college next fall and work toward your goal of becoming a physical therapist. Thank you sweet girl for letting me be apart of such an exciting time in your life. 


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Katie The first time I met Katie she was this adorable little towheaded preschooler full of energy and independence. Fast forward 14+ years and I had the honor of photographing Katie for her Sr portraits. She has grown into a smart, creative and still very independent young woman who has amazing blue eyes. Katie is interested in film studies and photography so we tried to plan her photo shoot keeping this in mind. It was important to Katie to have some interesting and unique locations as we wanted the images to have more of a “movie still” quality to them as opposed to a more traditional posed, portrait style. It was so much fun researching locations and setting up the shots. Thank you Katie for being such a great partner in this process. You did an outstanding job. I can’t wait to follow the rest of your script as it continues to develop next year at Marist.









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Morgan I was able to work with another high school Senior that I have known for years. I think in this case I have literally known Morgan almost forever, at least since she was 2 years old and in preschool with my son. I feel so fortunate that so many of the Seniors I have photographed this year I have known for so long. It really makes doing the session extra special to me. Always a cute little girl, Morgan has grown into a beautiful and striking young woman. She did such an excellent job really thinking through her wardrobe choices, taking into consideration the locations we chose and the overall vibe we were trying to project. For as beautiful and "gussied up" as this girl is in her pictures, be not fooled!!! She is an amazing softball player and I have seen her many many times covered in red clay fresh from battle on the fields. This girl is tough and an extremely hard worker on and off the fields. It has paid off for her as she is headed to FSU next year to play collegiate softball. Morgan, thank you for letting me be apart of this special time in your life. I can't wait to try and catch a few games next year when I go visit FSU!

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Will I am pretty sure this is the first time Will has actually been (somewhat) interested in participating in a photo shoot with Mom. The poor kid has had to live with me taking WAY TOO MANY PICTURES for all of his 18 years. I am just so happy we actually had a good time together and collaborated on planning his Sr portrait sessions. We were fortunate to have a good friend let us use his incredible vintage Ford Fairlane for part of Will’s session. It provided us with an amazing backdrop that really gave these pics a unique feel. We also found some other interesting locations including an old cigar factory and some favorite spots around Ybor City as well as using some of Will's guitars as props. So glad Will and I enjoyed this time together and unlike when he was much younger we ended up laughing through the process instead of crying! I love this son of mine more than he knows and I am so proud of him. Dude, you are going to slay it next year at NC State!

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Gage With his charming personality Gage's Senior photo session was amazing. We explored Ybor City and found lots of great little nooks and crannies to showcase his movie star good looks. With his mom and girlfriend in tow also, we laughed and talked as we walked along 7th soaking in this area so rich in Tampa history. Herding the famed Ybor roosters and a game of chess outside The Blind Tiger had to be highlights for me. Thank you Gage, Olivia and Shay for such a fun afternoon. Oh, by the way did I mention this kid can jump!!! And, if you couldn't tell, he is headed to UCF next year to study engineering. I think he is pretty stoked about too!




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Faith Faith! This girl is so full of joy its contagious. I just love her heart! We had so much fun and laughed a lot during Faith’s Sr portrait session. Faith has a smile that can light up a room and a laugh that warms your heart. Faith will be attending University of Tampa next year so it was fitting to use that beautiful campus as a backdrop for her photos as well as other areas in downtown Tampa. I met Faith for the first time when she was five years old and I have watched her grow into the beautiful, vibrant and caring young lady she is now. Faith, I know you will do great things in the future and your sparkle will be a light in this world. Keep your faith strong, your heart big and never stop laughing!


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Jacob I recently had the chance to spend time with and photograph Jacob. This young man has a great sense of humor, he let me take a few shots while he posed among hundreds of people doing yoga in the park! I won't embarrass him further by putting the images on this blog post! Another one of my son's good friends, I know Jacob pretty well. He has great taste in music, plays guitar, currently plays soccer and is also an excellent student, I can't wait to see where he ends up going to college, he will truly be an asset to any campus. Jacob, thanks for the fun and laughter, I truly enjoyed our session and don't worry, I'll keep the yoga pics under wraps! 

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McKenna McKenna is such a sweet girl. I loved photographing her for her senior portraits. She is such a natural beauty and it is uncanny how much she resembles her mom in several of the pictures. We had so much fun joking around and talking about preschool carpools and neighborhood shaninigans, I have known McKenna since she was two! I know she is going to do amazing things in college next year and I hope she follows her dreams of working in health care, her compassion and warmth will be a huge asset! Keep smiling McKenna, you have a beautiful smile!


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Joe Joe is an all around great guy. A good friend to my son, I can always count on Joe to keep me in the loop with what my son has been up to. We had fun photographing around the University of Tampa and downtown. If you think Joe looks different in some of his pictures its because his mom made him shave in the middle of the session! I think that has to be a first in a portrait session! Good thing it was at the very end of November or I am not sure he would have parted so easily with the facial hair.  



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What a blast I had working with Kendel on her senior portraits! I have known her and her sister for a few years and have watched her grow from a sweet girl to an absolutely stunning young woman. Not only is she a beauty inside and out but she is smart and athletic too, recently helping her school volleyball team win in the state championship this fall! And look at her sweet little dog that wanted to get into a few photos.

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