I am pretty sure this is the first time Will has actually been (somewhat) interested in participating in a photo shoot with Mom. The poor kid has had to live with me taking WAY TOO MANY PICTURES for all of his 18 years. I am just so happy we actually had a good time together and collaborated on planning his Sr portrait sessions. We were fortunate to have a good friend let us use his incredible vintage Ford Fairlane for part of Will’s session. It provided us with an amazing backdrop that really gave these pics a unique feel. We also found some other interesting locations including an old cigar factory and some favorite spots around Ybor City as well as using some of Will's guitars as props. So glad Will and I enjoyed this time together and unlike when he was much younger we ended up laughing through the process instead of crying! I love this son of mine more than he knows and I am so proud of him. Dude, you are going to slay it next year at NC State!


Fantastic pics!
My favorites are the one on the bench with pictures on the wall and the one in the empty room in the chair with the guitar!
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