I was able to work with another high school Senior that I have known for years. I think in this case I have literally known Morgan almost forever, at least since she was 2 years old and in preschool with my son. I feel so fortunate that so many of the Seniors I have photographed this year I have known for so long. It really makes doing the session extra special to me. Always a cute little girl, Morgan has grown into a beautiful and striking young woman. She did such an excellent job really thinking through her wardrobe choices, taking into consideration the locations we chose and the overall vibe we were trying to project. For as beautiful and "gussied up" as this girl is in her pictures, be not fooled!!! She is an amazing softball player and I have seen her many many times covered in red clay fresh from battle on the fields. This girl is tough and an extremely hard worker on and off the fields. It has paid off for her as she is headed to FSU next year to play collegiate softball. Morgan, thank you for letting me be apart of this special time in your life. I can't wait to try and catch a few games next year when I go visit FSU!


Beautiful photos!!! I love the ones in the middle of the road.
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